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The Journal and Poetry of Mark Kraus 尚武

Wordsmith and Scholar

Mark Kraus 尚武
22 June
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When the end was near
I sat in the pits of hell
Roasting marshmellows
And shooting the shit with satan.
We laughed out loud
As we watched it all go down
And made snearing faces
At the pirsoners of heaven.
I'm a 23 year old male living in Euless, Texas. I work at 1-800-HOSTING a Web Hosting company. I am a sophamore at DeVry University of Dallas in the Network and Communications Managment Bachelor program (GPA = 4.0). I am a Master Mason and a member of Hurst Lodge #1387 A.F.&A.M. I am a published poet, a musician, and many other things. I am an Ordained Minister and perform mariages. I have few offline friends by choice. I have few online friends by choice. I have a close connection with my parents. I love school, work, movies, music, and anime.
This journal was originaly made to escape the previous journal. It too has become a prison. Poetry can be found here. Most everything posted is made public. Some of it is friends only, a bit of it is aimed at a very very small group of friends protected by a friends group, and the smallest portion of it is set to private. I have been using livejournal for over 3 years now, but I'm, by far, no vetran of the Livejournal days. If you want to be on my friends list you have to prove yourself. What's the point of adding soeone who is just gonna cause journal drama? Please read my Principles of Friendship at the end of this info.

If you want me to critique your poetry, I will. But expect honesty. And, expect that the critique is comming from an experienced poet. I've been there just starting out and I know what it takes to get further. I will help but you will have to realize that all of those compliments you get from people may be empty and I will tell you, straight out, if it sucks. But I will offer no opinion or critique unless asked. So if you'd rather not know then don't ask.


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My Principles of Friendship

1. Loyalty - A friend should always remain loyal with in reason. They should do as they are required to remain friends unless it jeopardizes your integrity.

2. Love - A friend should always remain in love and affection, act accordingly so, and show it when possible.

3. Caring - A friend should always care and bear the burden of friendly responsibilities. They should forever keep a watchful eye for conflicts of interests and possible opportunities. They should keep interests in mind throughout all actions or lack thereof.

4. Integrity - A friend should never compromise their integrity inside or outside of the friendship. They should state their principles clearly, stick to them, and notify others of their adjustments when necessary.

5. Stability - A friend should be as constant as possible. Reliability is a corollary of stability. Reliabilities should be stated up front and areas where reliabilities are not possible should be addressed and the friend should not be held accountable for said areas. A friend should avoid drastic change unless their consistency is a state of drastic change.

6. Communicative - A friend should be forthcoming with information and ideas where appropriate. The level of communication should be expressed up front and the friend should not be held accountable for levels which they state they cannot provide. They should attempt to make all problems and issues open to discussion and may at times exercise their right to enforce communication.

These principles are all or nothing. There is no grey area. These are the core components of trust, the truest nature of friendship. Without these, trust is not possible and thus friendship is not possible, though other relationships may be. The term "friend" is not to be given lightly. Only after thought has been given to the matter should the title be given and only under the circumstances that both parties agree to execute these terms and that the title is mutually bestowed by and to both parties.

Should, at any time, these terms be broken by either party, the offended party reserves the right to terminate the relationship. The offended party may show mercy, however, it is not a requirement of this contract and the offending party is not entitled to such mercy under any circumstances.

In the event that the relationship should be terminated, both parties must agree to keep in secret what was divulged in confidence during the term of the execution of this contract indefinitely. Should either party violate this clause, the offended party reserves the right to release all secrets. The offended party may show mercy, however, it is not a requirement of this contract and the offending party is not entitled to such mercy under any circumstances.

Other terms may be agreed upon at the agreement of this contract but they must be explicitly expressed, mutually agreed upon, and accordingly executed.